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Vote Tripling is a pledge to get 3 friends to vote

With 10x better ROI & 150x faster scale, Vote Tripling is today’s best friend-to-friend GOTV tactic

Here's how your campaign can boost turnout with Vote Tripling:


Text your supporters and likely-supporters in your district and ask them to hold three friends accountable to vote. Many will agree - and then follow up with reminders before Election Day.

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Your early voters can do more for you! Ask them to get their friends to vote, too.

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In Person

Anywhere your staff or volunteers meet voters, you can recruit Vote Triplers - at events, on canvasses, etc.

We provide instructions and templates to help you get started.

Why it works

Every one of your supporters has a unique superpower: their personal network. They can reach certain people better than than anyone else.

Be honest and tell everyone who touches your campaign that they have a unique contribution to make. Vote Tripling helps you spread that empowerment.

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Vote Tripling is trusted by 60+ campaigns including