Step 1: Train your canvassers

Before your canvassers arrive, send them the Vote Tripling script and ask them to read it beforehand. During the canvass training, do a role play example of signing someone up as a Vote Triplers during a canvass. Then, pass out either your campaigns Tripler cards or sign up form to the canvassers.


Step 2: invite supporters to be triplers

Whenever a canvasser IDs someone as one of your supporters, the canvassers invites them to become a Vote Tripler and records the Vote Tripler's name, cell phone number, and the names of their three friends. 


Step 3: Save list of newest Triplers

If we will send the reminder text messages before the election, then the campaign should share the list of Vote Triplers with us. If your campaign will send the reminder text messages, you should save the list in your master database.

Bottom line:

More engaged supporters,

extra votes,

no cost,

and minimal time.