Step 1: Pick your recruiter

Pick one campaign staffer or volunteer to lead the recruitment efforts at your next event. Before the event, your "Lead Recruiter" should study the Vote Tripling script.


Step 2: invite attendees to be triplers

Your campaign's "Lead Recruiter" asks attendees as they arrive if they will join the many supporters who are encouraging three friends to vote. For those who say 'yes', the Lead Recruiter should record their name, cell phone number, and friends' names on this sign up form. The Lead Recruiter should aim to sign up at least 30 percent of the event attendees as Vote Triplers. 



Step 3: Save list of newest Triplers

If we will send the reminder text messages before the election, then the campaign should share the list of Vote Triplers with us. If your campaign will send the reminder text messages, you should save the list in your master database.

Click here for detailed step-by-step instructions on recruiting Vote Triplers at events.

Bottom line:

More engaged supporters,

extra votes,

no cost,

and minimal time.