Option 1: partner with us

We’ll help you launch a Vote Tripling texting outreach and will share our most up-to-date best practices.

We’ll also handle the all reminder texts before registration deadline and Election Day.

Totally free.

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Other questions are welcome, too!


Option 2: Do it yourself

step 1


Launch Vote Tripling SMS outreach: Use this detailed step-by-step guide to learn how to launch a Vote Tripling SMS outreach with your volunteers. We advise campaigns to launch their SMS outreach one month before the election (the election will be salient, but your campaign won’t be so busy that you’ll run out of time to do this). Most campaign text between 10,000 and 40,000 voters and, in doing so, enlist 250-2,500 Vote Triplers.


step 2


Create Tripler cards: Create Tripler sign up cards using this form and print 500 of them. Give them to your staff and volunteers to carry everywhere they go. Sign up your constituent at canvasses and events. Aim to sign up at least one-third of the individuals you have positive conversations with as Vote Triplers.


step 3


Create Tripler database: Create a Google Sheet to store your Vote Tripling lists. After each day of recruiting Vote Triplers, enter the newest Vote Triplers to the database. Click here to see how to build your database.


Remind your Triplers to urge their friends to vote: Add the information on your Triplers to your campaign’s texting platform (often Hustle or Relay) and upload these reminder scripts. Then send your reminder text messages!

step 4