Option 1: partner with us

We’ll help you launch your Vote Tripling program and will share our most up-to-date best practices.

Totally free.

If you’d like, we can even send the SMS reminder messages for your campaign. Also free. We’ll just need to send you an in-kind contribution receipt from our PAC.

We’re happy to partner with any Democratic campaign. If you want to explore partnering with us, please read our one-pager, this short article, and our campaign training manual. and then send us an email with some times you’re available to hop on the phone.


Option 2: Do it yourself


STEP 1 —— Read how vote tripling can help your campaign. Take 10 minutes to read our one-pager, this short article, and our campaign training manual.

STEP 2 —— Set a goal. Estimate a goal for how many vote tripling pledges your campaign will collect using our interactive progress-to-goal (PTG) calculator.

STEP 3 —— Pick your campaign’s vote tripling program “owner.” Our successful alumni campaigns all assigned one high-up staffer as the owner of their vote tripling program, typically the CM. The ‘owner’ monitors how many pledges come through each week (via staff soft reports) and troubleshoots solution with the field team when there aren’t enough pledges coming through to hit their overall campaign pledge goal.

STEP 4 —— Have your vote tripling program’s “owner” run a pilot during a canvass or community event. For this pilot, the only person who will ask your supporters if they can be counted on to mobilize three friends to vote will be your “owner.” With our alumni campaigns, we learned that campaigns usually stumble a bit when they begin rolling out vote tripling. That’s normal for any new ‘hard ask.’ However, with a bit of practice, campaigns quickly get the hang of the best way to ask voters in their district to support them as vote triplers. It’s imperative that your “owner” has first hand experience asking folks to vote triple before you train other staff/volunteers on this ask. We want to make sure your “owner” has case studies of successful and unsuccessful asks in their mind before they go and train others. For this pilot, print (i) this script and (ii) this sign up form.

STEP 5 —— Roll out vote tripling across your campaign. There are four ways to collect vote tripling pledges: (i) canvassing, (ii) community events, (iii) bundlers & (iv) cold SMS outreach.

STEP 6 —— Save your lists. After each day of recruiting vote triplers, save the newest vote triplers in a simple Google Sheets database. Click here to see how to build a simple Google Sheets vote tripling database.

STEP 7 —— Monitor progress. Make sure your field team and volunteers have clear pledge goals and are adding their daily/weekly pledge counts to their soft reports.

STEP 8 —— Send reminder SMSs. Add the information on your Triplers to your campaign’s texting platform (here’s how to do so via Hustle) and upload these reminder scripts. Then send your reminder text messages!

STEP 9 —— (Optional) Do polling place tripling. One last and easy way to prompt your supporters to mobilize their friends is through the volunteers you staff at polling places on Election Day. Learn how to run a polling place vote tripling program here.