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Vote Tripling is a pledge to get 3 friends to vote

Tests suggest Vote Tripling strongly boosts turnout

And Vote Tripling scales 100x faster than other relational organizing tactics

Here's how your campaign can boost turnout with Vote Tripling:


Text your supporters and likely-supporters in your district and ask them to hold three friends accountable to vote. Many will agree - and then follow up with reminders before Election Day.

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Your early voters can do more for you! Ask them to get their friends to vote, too.

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In Person

Anywhere your staff or volunteers meet voters, you can recruit Vote Triplers - at events, on canvasses, etc.

We provide instructions and templates to help you get started.

Why it works

Every one of your supporters has a unique superpower: their personal network. They can reach certain people better than than anyone else.

Be honest and tell everyone who touches your campaign that they have a unique contribution to make. Vote Tripling helps you spread that empowerment.

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Vote Tripling is trusted by 60+ campaigns including