About VoteTripling.org

VoteTripling.org is a non-profit that designs and implements free relational voter turnout programs for progressive campaigns. Our two-phase, easy-to-scale program is modeled after friend-to-friend tactics that boost turnout by 8.2 and 9.0 percentage points. In phase one, our tools and tutorials help campaigns turn several percent of their voters into "Vote Triplers," supporters who pledge to hold three friends accountable to vote. In phase two, we send campaigns’ Vote Triplers behavioral science-based reminders that prompt them to urge their friends to vote. Vote Tripling began as a volunteer project within the Danica Roem for Virginia House of Delegates race and is now a core part of the GOTV efforts of nearly 30 progressive campaigns.


what we do

  1. We design, user test, and distribute behavioral science-based GOTV tools. Our tools include tutorials that train staff on integrating Vote Tripling into their campaign, numerous methods for enlisting supporters as Vote Triplers, and scripts for reminding Vote Triplers to mobilize their friends on Election Day. These tools are all free.

  2. We provide campaigns with free trainings, strategic advising, and data support. Campaigns are often stretched too thin to take on new projects, so our staff executes various work streams that come with Vote Tripling. One of the simplest tasks we do is sending the reminder text messages to a campaign’s Vote Triplers. Beyond this, we aim to provide whatever resource we can to campaigns who are dedicated to using Vote Tripling to amplify the voices of their everyday constituents. We send campaigns an in-kind contribution receipt for the costs we incur related to any work we complete on their behalf.

  3. We share our tactics widely to promote their adoption and to encourage innovators to make them even better. Part of our mission is to ensure that every progressive voter is asked to mobilize their friends and family in the 2020 election. We think our free, low-tech tools are a big step towards that goal, but we have the humility to recognize that even if Vote Tripling is today’s most promising relational organizing technique, our society will be better off if people outside our team are using their own creativity to take what we’ve learned and explore new ways to spark everyday Americans to mobilize their friends.

  4. We connect candidates with staff that excel at executing Vote Tripling programs. Through our work with candidates across the United States, we have relationships with campaign staff in all corners of America who are seasoned Vote Tripling experts. We work to connect these campaign professionals with great candidates.


Our history

  • Fall 2016: While canvassing and phone banking for Hillary Clinton, we asked ourselves, “How effective are we at getting strangers to vote?”

  • Spring 2017: We user tested our friend-to-friend voter turnout method in a Congressional election in Montana. We learned people love getting reminded to mobilize their friends.

  • Fall 2017: We shared our learnings with the Danica Roem for Virginia House of Delgates race and trained her volunteers to get her supporters to pledge to mobilize three friends to vote.

  • Spring 2018: Vote Tripling spread throughout the US as Congressional candidates in Montana, Arkansas, New Jersey and Texas integrated our tactic into their GOTV efforts.

  • Fall 2018: Our co-founders quit their jobs to work on Vote Tripling full-time. Within two months, 30+ campaigns began using Vote Tripling as a core part of their GOTV strategies.