Vote Tripling enables us to combat big money with people power and win new votes at no cost.
— Vanessa Adia, Candidate for Congress TX-12

If we don’t do this, we won’t win.
— Roger Kaus, Field Director - Julie Oliver for Congress, TX-25

I showed up a bit skeptical for my first time volunteering, but my evening texting voters to be Vote Triplers felt productive while still being fun and social
— Tyler Grant, volunteer for Vanessa Adia for Congress


Josh Welle, Candidate for Congress in New Jersey's 4th District

“Through in-person events, canvassing, and Hustle, we recruited over two percent of our win number as Vote Triplers in our primary election."


aaron reaven, volunteer: Mike Siegel for Congress in Texas' 10th district

"Vote Tripling is an insightful, intuitive, natural and humane improvement to campaign tactics."