what is vote tripling?

Vote Tripling is like a commit to vote pledge, but better. This pledge technique sparks non-activists to get three friends to vote. Campaigns build lists of ‘vote triplers’ by asking supporters to provide their cell phone number and the first name of three of their friends. Then, the campaigns follow up with their vote triplers and remind them to urge their three friends before key deadlines like registration, early voting, and election day.

what does votetripling.org do?

The mission of our non-profit research organization & PAC is to disseminate our free, proven, behavioral science-based GOTV technique across the progressive ecosystem

who needs vote tripling?

WHO NEEDS IT: Campaigns & voter turnout organizations.

WHY: To win with relational organizing, campaigns must get non-activists to mobilize their friends. Non-activists are the majority of voters, have stronger ties to irregular voters, and may be more effective messengers than activists. Unfortunately, as of today, campaigns and voter turnout organizations don’t have a method that facilitates non-activist relational organizing at scale.

EVIDENCE: Preliminary results from our RCT suggest our technique strongly boosts voter turnout.


Vote Tripling is inherently a part of long-term power building. Once “Person A” becomes a Vote Tripler, you can text that person again and ask him/her to activate their friends for advocacy or for future elections. Therefore, this simple technique will over time build a relational organizing army that can be activated for the cost of a basic texting campaign. Further, the less empowered someone is, the more closely-tied they are to irregular voters. By unleashing the latent power among disempowered liberals, vote tripling will incentivize politicians to spend more time focusing on the 99%.

how votetripling.org makeS money

We haven’t and don’t plan to generate revenue; instead, our goal is to finish inventing, refining, and disseminating this technique, and then to shut down. In January 2020, we plan to merge our team and know-how within an organization that will have broad reach in November 2020.

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